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Some time back I posted a hybrid android app on Question2Answer site and many didn't take me serious for it till after some time that I started to get email of intrested people. By then I had stop working on the project and focused on other things.

Until recently I didn't think of the android app for q2a especially a native one. Since I have my work as a developer elsewhere I have been working on this as a side project. Well to cut the long story short I have and android app for Q2A platform finally in beta version on the Google PlayStore!

I am using my own api called qa-api to do this. when you get the code all you do is just paste the folder qa-api to your root directory and your app will connect to your site seamlessly.


  1. User registration
  2. User login/logout
  3. Accessing Questions/unanswered
  4. Asking/Answering questions
  5. Blocked users can not access the site from the app.
  6. Build using Android Studio (java)

More features are yet to be incorporated

Our Testsite: Q2Andy Online

Android App: PlayStore

The source code is now open source on github https://github.com/Q2Andy

In the Package when you buy you get:

  1. Android Studio Full Source Code
  2. QA-Api Full Source Code

For more information on this service check https://appsmata.github.io/Q2Andy/

Am open to new ideas by the way. 

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